Mark Sage
06th January, 2014

Schiff's Base Aromavert FS, 250g
Excellent quality and service, thank you.

Dihydro Ambrettolide Super, 25g
Sweet, balsamic, with a dry-musky body, excellent quality material. Quality supplier and good service, but would be more appealing to international customers if they offered combined shipping based on total order weight. I'm hoping this will be the case with the new international website. Thank you CGHerbals for making the effort to meet my specific needs, I'm looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Clare Tottey
United Kingdom
17th January, 2014

i ) I have received my parcel thank you, for the quick delivery and excellent customer Service.

ii) Received order of myrcene today, Parcel was very well wrapped and packed with Excellent attention to shipping and customs The parcel had not been opened during transit. I found the product to be most satisfactory and a Useful addition to my stock. The aroma was as Described and expected. I would like to compliment yourself and your company On the exemplary manor in which you conduct Your business. I am sincerely grateful for the Work and efforts you put in to such a small order And will endeavour to ensure that all future aromatic Supply enquiries will be directed to cg herbals Many thanks.

Brandolin Serge
31th January, 2014
I think your service worth making advertisement, I'll talk about cgherbals around me.

Brandolin Serge
10th February, 2014

Caryophyllene, 100g
Great product, quickly shipped. COA is OK.

Myrcene, 100g
Really nice odor, has to be diluted 1:50.

Mark Sage
29th March, 2014

Ambermax 50% / Dowanol TPM, 50g
This is a truly impressive woody-amber material, similar to ambrocenide with less topnote but much better substantivity and development. Very diffusive. It seems to blend much better than norlimbanol, creating warm volume without dryness or sharp edges. I'm very pleased with my order.

Spike Lavender Oil, 250g
A beautiful quality of this oil, with interesting nuances to the topnote. I wouldn't describe it as rough, it's more powdery and less camphoraceous than others I've smelled. Excellent service and packing, thank you.

Citronellol Levo, 250g
Beautiful freshness and diffusion, excellent material. Thank you CGHerbals for making the effort to meet my specific needs, I'm looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Ankur Tandon
04th April, 2014
Fleuramone, 250 g
Very nice quality material. Overall service is good. Good packing and excellent courier service. Reached very quickly..
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