Coconut Oil (De-odorized), 10g

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Coconut Oil (De-odorized), 10g
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Coconut (De-odorized) Carrier Oil is a very versatile carrier oil. Because of its immense nourishing properties it has been a part of the Indian tradition since ancient times for Skincare, Hair care and also in food.

Product Specifications:

a) Botanical Name: Cocos nucifera

b) Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

c) Obtained From: Kernel

d) Color: Clear when liquid, white when solid.

e) Odor: Slight coconut like odour, but generally considered as Odorless.

f) Absorption: Coconut Oil creates protective barrier on the skin.

g) Shelf Life: 1 Year with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight)


1. Coconut oil is excellent to form a barrier on the skin and absorbs quickly into the skin. It can be used as a skin moisturizer. It also reduces protein loss when used in hair.

2. It can be used to create variety of products such as massage oils, lip balms, lotions, body balms and cold process soaps. It is more soluble in hard water and salt water than other soaps allowing it to lather more easily because of which it majorly used in soap making.

3. Coconut oil is also largely used in Herbal Hair Oils as well into balms and stick formulations.

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